Current and Upcoming News

The Minnesota Twins are having a very good season and looking to capture the Central Division crown.

Here at Minnesota Black Baseball we’re working on some updates to the site (note changes) and will

soon be downloading new information on the Stories page, Media page as well as the Photo

Gallery where we’ll be listing players and teams of Minnesota.

On the Media page we’ve added the videos for easier access, we hope you enjoy, there are

more coming.

The Photo page will include players information (some photos) and Minnesota teams’ information with

brief paragraphs sharing information about players and teams.

A couple of upcoming events for 2020 are:

  1. A celebration of Billy Williams at the State Capital providing more information about his 50 plus

    career as the assistant to 14 Governors of the State of Minnesota and his outstanding career

    locally as an athlete and highly sought-after baseball player.

  2. Also working with the St. Paul Saints baseball team for next season to honor Phil E. Reid, owner

    of the St. Paul (Colored) Gophers baseball team 1907 – 1910. This event will include placing a

    head stone on his grave at Oakland Cemetery in St. Paul and on that same date the Saints will

    honor him and the team by wearing throw back uniforms of the St. Paul Gophers at their home


In addition, as I continue to research and find new information regarding players, we’ll continue to

update the site. Example, there’s a new link to an article written by me for the Ramsey County Historical

Society Quarterly Magazine on Jimmy Lee, we’ve replaced the previous article on the Stories Page with

this new article.

If you have questions, please go to the Contact Page and send them to us.


More to come.

Peace and Love from the MBB Team.

Great job tonight Frank!  Wonderful crowd and terrific presentation.  Thanks
for teaching things some of us never knew!  You are the best.
— Dave Lee, WCCO Radio
A copy should be in every High School in the State.
— Doug Albertson, former teacher, player, and coach
Just finished reading your book Frank. Well done my friend!!! I highly recommend reading it and it would also be a great resource for all the high schools.
— Steve Lindgren, Richfield Chamber of Commerce
You did a fantastic job last night, Frank! Entertaining, informative, and inspiring —- certainly worthy of the standing ovation you received.
— Josh Leventhal, Editor, Minnesota Historical Society Press
Frank, you made last night special for me and my wife by being the caring and loving person you are. You showed us all how to love one another by how much you love and loved your father with this great addition to the library of the struggle on the baseball field and in society. You truly are one of a kind and I love that you include all of us in this history and not just one race. It is everyone’s legacy and we need to do better and improve the legacy as we continue to grow as people of all colors.
— Larry Gallagher, Minnesota baseball and basketball Official